Wednesday, July 11, 2012

july already?

where has the time gone? it's already July and my summer is half over. so much sadness. i feel like a lot has been going on lately. here are some life updates:

1. we still have a house
2. said house needs lots of repairs (roof, HVAC units, siding, and floors)
3. we are getting a renovation loan to take care of these things
4. we will hopefully be settled in at the beginning of September
5. our house will need a lot of DIY TLC
6. I am still in love with my kitten
7. I am newly in love with hot yoga
8. I am starting to think about all of the things that I will miss in South Charlotte when I move
9. I am starting to think about all of the things that I will miss from this condo when we move
10. I worry almost every day about house things (i.e. we have yet to have the inspection and who knows what that will bring...praying for nothing too bad)
11. I love love love having time to enjoy things (note to self, when I feel like I cannot take teaching one more moment, remember the feeling of summer)
12. I turn 24 this month!

life updates in pictures:

my new digs :)

back yard. just envision a fire pit and bar. it'll happen someday.

my baby.

I've been cooking a lot of home cooked meals this summer!

hanging with crazy kiddies.

America Day

ghetto fireworks

mountain drinking. favorite.

I really need to go to sleep. Josh is still doing some work, but we plan on going to a class at the Y at 5:30 tomorrow morning (we've done this twice already. so committed to beach week! haha) then my aunts and mom are coming over to clean out my Gramps' stuff in the garage. they want to put the condo up for sale at the beginning of August. the animals are sleeping beside me, time for bed. and to finish this episode of Workaholics Josh is watching :)