Wednesday, June 13, 2012

back again

Wow, where has time gone? It's been about 2 months since I posted. The last few months of school are always the most hectic it seems, but I survived my 2nd year of teaching! I am already planning for next year (dork) and I was named Kindergarten Team Leader.

I need to forget about my job for a while though because it's summer vacation! The only other perk to being a teacher besides getting a fantastic deal on a house (PS, still house shopping. we are the most unlucky people ever).

I suppose it is best to recap the past 2 months with pictures, naturally.

Cinco de Mayo + Kentucky Derby

found a huge snake

Teacher Appreciation

reunited with old friends

adopted a kitten

Cayenne (kitten) and Pepper became best friends

named team leader for next year

cabin beerlympics with my loves

best friend puppies

celebrating summer with my coworkers

saw Owen Wilson!

Those are the highlights of life the past two months. Today was my first official day of summer. I slept in, perused Pinterest forever, had lunch with Josh, went to Mom's, worked out, and cleaned a bit. Tonight I think we are starting season 3 of Weeds. We got Netflix and are addicted. We watch shows all the time. I have seen the first 3 seasons of Weeds, but years ago; I forgot how much I liked that show! Then we may watch a movie. Who knows! I am loving having no responsibilities after a hectic and stressful 10 months. Have to enjoy it while it lasts. As for the blog, I will write when I can and it will probably be random :) Happy Wednesday!


  1. So excited that you are back! I feel like this is one of the few ways I can still connect with you, so welcome back!

    Love you!

  2. thanks!! I am going to try my hardest and update...not much excitement going on ;)

    love you back!