Sunday, June 17, 2012

Dad's Day

Happy Father's Day to my pops.

the G-Man.

I am especially thankful this Father's Day because of my dad's bike accident a few weeks ago. He was in a bike race and the guy right in front of him went down, causing my dad to crash his bike as well. He broke a few ribs and his lung collapsed. He was rushed to the hospital and I was so scared when I read the text from my sister. Luckily, everything turned out fine. I feel blessed because I know it could have been much worse. He is back to doing light work outs already but says he's still in pain often. Hopefully he'll feel better sooner rather than later. He is so strong and determined, I very much admire that about him!

We went to my mom's for a "linner" (lunch/dinner). My aunt and gramps were in town as well. It was a very nice afternoon with the family with delicious food, including made from scratch veggie burgers and a strawberry salad I helped put together. We looked through old pictures and gramps told funny stories from his past. It was a very nice Father's Day.

Josh and I got frozen yogurt this evening and are currently watching the NBA Finals with the animals (go OKC! even though it isn't looking too promising for them in this game)

Pepper looks hilarious.

Tomorrow starts my first full week of vacay. I'll probably hang out with the kids a bunch, clean, stay active, look up healthy recipes/food, etc. I have a doctor's appointment Tuesday and I want a hair cut sometime this week, but overall I just want to enjoy everything about this time.


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