Sunday, April 1, 2012

Happy April

I like the first days of months. It always signifies a starting point to me. A fresh start to do something new.

I did play an April Fools joke on my mom. She's so gullible, I felt bad afterwards, but it was still funny :)

This weekend, we went to the mountain cabin.

We had an Easter Egg hunt.

Sat by the fire pit.

Found a lizard.

Laid in the sun.

Sat in boats.

Since it's April 1st, I wanted to participate in the photo a day challenge this month (Meg, say you're doing it too!)  I don't have time to write often, but I do like taking pictures.

day 1: your reflection

My computer is about to die, Josh is already passed out, and Pepper is snuggled up beside me. Tomorrow is my first official day of Spring Break (aka no work!!!) so it's time to go to bed and enjoy the luxury of sleeping in and being lazy tomorrow :)

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  1. I am doing the April challenge! David's sister is doing it too, so I will have lots of pictures to look at, super pumped. Miss you like crazy!