Sunday, March 25, 2012


I am anxiously awaiting the UNC playoff game which is set to tip off in about 5 minutes. We barely won on Friday and our star point guard isn't playing again so I am hoping for a miracle because Kansas is a really good team.

I am going to miss the weekend after today. Only 4 school days and a teacher workday til spring break!

Today was a DIY day.

First, we woke up to hail! It lasted about a minute, then turned to rain.

I made my own latte.

We watched 3 episodes of Yard Crashers on DIY and dreamed of what we could do with a house, a yard, and money :)

We grocery shopped, got gas, and a car wash.

Made roasted chickpeas, yum.

Josh finished sanding and I helped stain our table and chairs.
Only 3 chairs to go!

We also started P90X today. This will be a long 3 months!

Time to go watch this game. It's close, but only in the first half. I hope we can make it because the TV guy just said our point guard could play next weekend. Go heels!

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