Thursday, March 1, 2012

do you like green eggs and ham?

Tomorrow is Dr. Seuss' birthday - another thing I love about my job. Fun learning experiences that the kids really get in to! We have been celebrating Read Across America all week at school and today was "Foot Book" day (each day has been a different theme for different books). We were supposed to wear crazy shoes (i.e. two different pairs of shoes) and/or crazy socks. I wore stripped socks - none of my kids wore miss-matched shoes, but some wore fun socks!

During writing time, the kids traced each other's feet, decorated them, and wrote stories. They worked really hard on them and I was so proud :)

Today was our "no specials" day which means no breaks and a long afternoon with the kiddies. So, the Kindergarten Team read Green Eggs and Ham and had our own feast!

My kids were in awe of how the eggs were green. Most of them were really brave and tried them - they said they tasted just like real eggs! Crazy how that happens ;)

For being a long Thursday, my kids did pretty well. I need to work on PEPs (so many acronyms in the education world) and think about something for dinner. Josh and I got the bare essentials on a grocery run last night and are going to create a meal plan and grocery list to shop for next week. I hope to be back tonight with some Half-Marathon talk. I was thinking about splitting up parts of the weekend into different posts. There's a lot I want to remember! TGI-almost Friday!

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