Wednesday, February 29, 2012

one week

wow, I cannot believe it's merely been a week since I last posted. In the scheme of things, a week does not seem so long, however, so much has happened in seven days!

The best way I can think to recap is to list my favorite moments:

  • Florida, in general
  • hanging with my family
  • staying in an awesome hotel room at an amazing resort on Disney property
  • seeing Florida friends (hi Vanessa! :) )
  • bon fires
  • sunsets over the water
  • running 13.1 miles
  • running 13.1 miles in 2 hours and 20 minutes, shaving off 9 minutes from last year
  • hot tubs
  • relaxation and fun
  • pretty weather
  • brunch with my favorite people at a cute, delicious restaurant 
  • an awesome gift that I cannot wait to hang up
  • smiles
  • planning and dreaming

I had an amazing time in Florida and never wanted to leave. Thanks to an accident, it took us 10 hours to get home instead of 8, but I was okay with that. I oddly like being on the road, stopping for food, chatting with Josh, listening to music, playing games. It's all very comforting to me in a weird way. Plus, it is something different aside from reality.

Reality this past week has been the complete opposite of my perfect weekend. Awful news on Friday at the end of the work day about a coworker, paired with an awful letter Tuesday morning from our neighborhood (essentially, we're being bullied by our neighbors who are making up lies about us) has made reality smack me in the face a little harder than I would like.

I want to do a picture recap to remember all the amazing-ness that was this past weekend, but for now I will leave with 2 of my favorite pictures because I have school work to do and a grocery list to make. Happy to be back on my little corner of blog world!

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