Sunday, February 12, 2012

the week ends, the week begins

I can't believe Sunday (and the whole weekend) flew by so quickly.

Today, I finally got my hair cut. When is the last time I got it cut? I am not sure. Sometime in the summer I think. I didn't go somewhere fancy, just Great Clips. But it feels nice to have the dead ends clipped off and some layers put back in.



It doesn't look that much different, but I can tell the difference in how it feels and it just looks healthier.

I spent most of the afternoon at my mom's. Josh met me there and I ran and did a little biking and some ab exercies. It felt good to work out, but I still don't feel well unfortunately.

I wish I could have run more, but I also don't want to push myself too much. I need to try to rest up and get better this week so that I can actually do my long run this next weekend.

Josh and I ran some errands and went grocery shopping after my parent's. Then I spent the rest of my night making sight word cards for my kids and finishing lesson plans.


Right now I'm watching The Grammy's. I am getting tired, but want to keep watching. I'll probably head to bed soon. We're DVRing it anyway :) Goodbye weekend.

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