Thursday, February 9, 2012

to run or not to run

Hello blog, I missed you on my hiatus. I didn't get around to writing yesterday.

Yesterday, my drive to work was pretty.

Work was typical. It was our double specials day so we can have a 90 minute planning block, so those are always nice. I was pretty tired all day though. Plus I always feel overwhelmed after planning. I think of the million things I need to do, and always come back with a stack of stuff I need to plan/get done.
Even just typing that I thought of a few things I need to do tonight. Whoops!

I wasn't feeling too great when I left school. My throat was scratchy/hurting and I was really tired. I laid down to try to nap because UNC played Dook last night (this is the last I'll mention of the game since we lost blew the game and they won on an at the buzzer 3 pointer...worst feeling ever). I didn't run because I fell asleep when I was resting and woke up from my nap more miserable than I was before it. I went to bed a little before midnight, thanks to the game/scramble and woke up at 5:15 because of my throat. I couldn't fall back asleep. I started coughing this morning and felt pretty miserable all day today. My coughing has stopped for the most part, but my throat just feels really swollen almost. Now, I know I need to run. I have been debating, because last year I gave myself pneumonia by continuing to train when I was sick. However, I feel like a little cold/sore throat shouldn't stop my from running (however, this is the same thing I thought last year around this time). Ultimately I need to make my decision in the next half hour if I want to get to bed at a decent time.

I had soup again for dinner last night. I haven't been feeling creative or in the mood for cooking (plus soup helped my throat), but this weekend, we finally have a weekend at home and I wanna try some new recipes, as well as getting a page started for them on here.

I was going to get a sub tomorrow, but I think I'll go to bed really early and tough it out. I have some stuff I need to get done at school anyway to get ready for next week.

I'm off to see if I feel up to running + complete a few things for work. TGIF!

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