Sunday, February 12, 2012


I woke up this morning just before 7 and drifted in and out of sleep for about 15 minutes before I decided I couldn't fall back to sleep. I played on my phone a bit and then got out of bed. I was in the mood for tea instead of coffee, so I pulled my stash of tea from the cabinet. I haven't had tea in a very long time and I missed it. It reminded me of college - I used to drink tea all the time while I was doing work. I also used to take tea to school everyday when I was student teaching, instead of coffee. Maybe this is a habit I can pick back up.

Yesterday, I continued with laundry (I am finishing up the last of it right now) and took a quick nap. I was really tired all day. I eventually woke up and went to my parent's house. I hung out with mom, and Josh met me over there for dinner. He did a quick 2 mile run, but I didn't feel like running. My mom made lots of goodies for dinner: broccoli and cheddar soup (that was a little spicy - apparently the recipe calls for cayenne papper, weird), salad that we are big fans of, and some mini "pizzas". Josh and I really liked the pizzas and I took a picture of the recipe from my mom's book so that I could attempt to make it. You pretty much just blend pizza sauce, tahini, and yeast flakes together, pour the mixture on corn tortillas, and then bake in the oven. Easy enough.

Apparently it was snowing in Boone, but it was also really really cold here.

This is the city our cabin is in - we were just there last weekend and missed all the snow! :(

I was texting my Floridian friend Vanessa and they had some colder weather too (like 50 degrees) but they have highs in the 80s next week! I can't wait to run in the warm weather and lay out by the pool in a few weeks.

When we left my parent's house, I was all bundled up with about 4 layers and pulled my Uggs up as high as they could go. This is the coldest it has been all winter.

I was really tired when we got home, so we played scramble for a bit before I fell asleep.

Josh is really good, so I was proud of my victory.
I had some Ezekiel toast with jam for breakfast and am currently folding laundry. I'm going to work on lesson plans while Josh is still asleep, and then I'm going to Great Clips with my mom to get a trim at 11. She needed one too. I need to run some errands and grocery shop today, and also want to run a few miles on the treadmill, even if I break it up some. I feel much better today, so I am hoping for at least 8 miles. The high today is like 42 degrees. It's 23 outside right now. I don't think running in that type of weather would be good for my cold. Happy happy Sunday!

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