Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Fat Tuesday part 2

Today was hard to get back into the grind after 2 teacher workdays, but it wasn't too bad. We have to turn in progress reports tomorrow, so I had some assessing to do and more to finish tomorrow. In planning we talked about Dr. Seuss week next week - so excited! I also got a sub lined up and finalized everything for my trip to Florida this weekend - all that's left is sub plans. Two more days!!

Yesterday evening, I ran about 4 and a half miles. While I was running, Josh went out and used a gift card I had to Chili's to get a Fat Tuesday meal. We did this deal of a dinner for 2 for $20. It was a TON of food. I wanted chips and fries before I went Eat to Live, and I was granted both.

We still have half that bag of chips left and I am sooo sad I cannot have any. Chili's chips are my favorite! However, this is the whole point of Lent!

I got a quesadilla explosion salad. The salad/dressing were delicious, however the quesadillas weren't really the best I've had. I probably would have finished them if I liked them, even though I was stuffed. I ate all of my salad, 2 quesadillas, a bunch of chips and half of my little serving of fries. I couldn't fit anymore food into my body! While we ate, we watched Workaholics. Hilarious show.

For my Lent Challenge, I am going to follow Eat to Live under my control. Today I had a banana oat bar for breakfast, a salad, carrots, and hummus for lunch, strawberries as a snack, and veggies for dinner. However, for example, If I am in Florida this weekend and have no other choice, I will eat what is available. If I cannot eat this way under certain circumstances, it will be okay. The choices I am able to make will be Eat to Live!

We went to my mom's for dinner tonight. I had 2 different types of salad and some oven roasted veggies. It was tasty! I keep forgetting to take pictures over there. Mom also made some cheesy bread for those non-vegans. Josh really enjoyed this. However, the poor guy is feeling awful. He went straight to bed at 8:00 when we got home. Hopefully he'll feel better in the morning.

I'm actually pretty tired myself. I have 2 jam packed days ahead of me and then it's off the Florida. Tomorrow is supposed to be 75 degrees here, so I may go straight from school to the Y and run around the outside track for about 4 miles. Then I may do more on the treadmill at home afterwards. Friday, I want to run a short 3 miles after school before we hit the road.

Even though 13.1 miles will be grueling, it is worth it to help out this little cutie pie :)


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