Thursday, February 16, 2012

back to school

Last night Josh was teasing me because he said I reminded him of a little kid who begs their mom to stay home after being sick - "just one more day!"I admit, going back to school after a mini break was hard, especially since I felt somewhat better, but still a little off. It was crazy to me how tired I felt from my sickness. Dealing with the 22 little ones today has made me extra exhausted!

However, it was nice when I got to school and found all of this on my desk:

I feel so loved :)

About half my class gave me hugs and told me how much they missed me while I was gone. They were also so excited to tell me about the Valentines they left for me. Even though they were pretty chatty today, at times making it difficult to do my job, that is definitely something I adore about this age group - their unconditional love for you!

I am home now and need to run. I haven't run since Sunday and I have a feeling my body will be weak and tired. I have been very concerned about what this sickness will do to my half marathon. I haven't really done a good run in over a week and missed my long run last weekend. I'm supposed to do a long run this weekend, but I also don't want to do too much and get hurt since my body won't be used to it. I have confidence I will finish the 13 miles, but unfortunately it may not be as fast as we'd wanted. My plan until next weekend is this:
  • Today: 3 miles
  • Tomorrow: 4 miles (5 if I am feeling up to it)
  • Saturday: long run since it is supposed to rain on Sunday - 8-9 miles.
  • Sunday - 2 mile easy jog or a rest day (maybe some yoga)
  • Monday - 5-6 miles
  • Tuesday - rest
  • Wednesday - 6-7 miles
  • Thursday - 5-6 miles
  • Friday - rest (leave for Florida after Josh gets off work!)
I really haven't trained very well for this race, and I know that. I want to do a half marathon where I really train the right way. Josh and I have been looking into some, so I want to push us to sign up for them and stick to a specific training plan - and try not to get sick!

I am going to get ready and run here shortly. I have plans to relax and hang out with my friend Ivette tonight! The weekend is almost here!

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