Friday, February 3, 2012

we made it

Friday. I am so glad you are here. Last Friday and this Friday have been 2 that I have really needed. However, my Friday at work wasn't so bad. Everything was okay for that student I was worrying about last night, one of my students is doing a great job with her new behavior incentives, it was Awards Day, and we made cute groundhog cups.

Last night, just as I had promised myself, I had a great run. We went 4 and a half miles and I ran the entire time! I felt pretty good and am getting more excited for this half marathon.

Although it was a good run, I hurt myself twice in the process. The first was a rope burn on the back of my knees compliments of my own stupidity, Pepper's craziness, and her leash.

This was taken today. It burned when it first happened, but I didn't feel it much when I was running. It hurts worse today and every time it touches something (like if I cross my legs) it hurts.

I also got wind burn on my face. I don't really know good means for preventing this, unless I cover my whole face. Which I don't think will be happening.
I know it is hard to tell in this picture, but my cheeks down to about my mouth is really red (side note: I just had to change my sentence - I put "my math is really read" mind needs to get out of school mode). I put some prescription dry skin lotion on it this morning, but my face just feels really hot and is super red. Like the color of my shirt. Ignore the stupid expression.

Luckily, these "injuries" aren't too bad. I think I'll survive. I'll keep applying the lotion and see if that helps my face. Maybe some neosporin would be good for the rope burn.

I just had a salad as a snack because our big Sam's bag is gonna go bad while we're gone. I also had a Reeses Cup I was saving from Christmas. My favorite candies are Reeses and Pretzel M&Ms in case anyone ever feels inclined to get me a treat :)  Josh leaves work in about 15 minutes and hopefully we'll be on the road to the cabin around 6:30 after we get packed and loaded up. I also hope it is late enough to miss most of the traffic. I was going to do a short 2 miles when I got home, but I stayed at school a little late and I think running in the mountains might be nice. I want to do a short run tomorrow outside, and then a long 8ish miles when we get home on Sunday. I can't wait to do some relaxing and pretend I don't have lots of running/cleaning/working to do when we return home. Now, I need to pack. Have a happy and relaxing weekend!

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