Monday, February 20, 2012

food, family, and blogs.

This post might be a long one. I'm home from work (teacher workday) and in the mood to write/put off some of the work I need to start getting done for school this evening.

Yesterday afternoon, I decided to have soup for lunch because it was cold and rainy out.

I also made my new favorite corn tortilla chips to go along with it (and Josh wanted them too).

pre-oven tortillas

After lunch, I took some Benadryl for my hives and tried to read a magazine while icing my knees. My eyes slowly began to droop. I laid my head down on Josh's shoulder and almost instantly fell asleep. The next thing I knew, I was waking up lying on the couch and it was just after 4:00. That Benadryl knocked me out! Even after my 11 hours in bed.

After Josh finished watching his basketball game, we headed over to my mom's for dinner with my family. My mom made vegan chili and broccoli cheddar soup (I had a little of both - yesterday was quite the soup day) and found vegan saltine crackers at the health food store. I liked them! I need to find and buy some because I like something crunchy with soup. She also made vegan corn bread. It was all delicious.

Kiddo entertainment:

we act like kids sometimes.

When we left, we went to the grocery store and got some essentials for the week. Then we came home and discovered something I found both horrible, but amusing. While we were gone, Josh left Pepper out in the back room and not in her crate. Well, he forgot he had cleaned in there and left a bag of trash filled with all the trash from the house. Thus, because Pepper was mad we left her, she did this:

At least she pooped on top of all the paper she ripped up and not the carpet? Josh was recently talking about how good she'd been lately, and then this happened. I knew it was too good to be true. I was literally giggling the whole time he was reprimanding her and after she got banished to her crate because I found it comical she could make such a big mess - like something off of a movie (however I probably wouldn't have been laughing if I had to clean it up!) She really gave the true meaning to "female dog" last night.

Blogging Debate
Yesterday, Josh decided to make a blog about the NBA. He's a really good writer and he loves the NBA/basketball, so he put his 2 passions together in blog form. It got me excited to really work on my writing and blog as well (creating more pages for recipes, post topics, etc.) I will post his address when he gets it up and going! In case anyone is interested in the NBA ;)

Josh made his blog through WordPress. I have been toying lately with the idea of buying my own domain for my blog to make it more personal and give a sense of ownership. Plus, the blogs I read all have their own domains, so it just made sense. Josh did some research and said WordPress was the best for this. I made a WordPress account and transfered all my posts to there. I also tried out a million different themes and Josh helped me make a personal banner. However, when I finally closed my computer to go to bed last night, I still didn't like the look of it. I like the look of this blog, but I want one where I can also have freedom to do more things and make it how I want. Josh said he'd help me research this more (I have been reading up on a few things after school) and get it to look how I want. What a guy.

So, for now, I'm going to stick with this one and research all the pros and cons of each. Then I will make a decision and pick the best host for my needs!

Time to go work on writing rubrics, lesson plans, and progress reports. Whoo!

I hope to be back tonight with 5 Happy Monday Things and a Lent Challenge.

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