Friday, February 17, 2012

run, girl's night, and dog training

So happy Friday afternoon has finally arrived! These past 2 days have seemed like forever.

Last night I was proud of myself for getting my run in before Ivette came over.

Luckily, I felt really good. I was kinda struggling towards the end, but felt like I was going at a pretty good pace. I want to to 4 or 5 tonight. I'm thinking I'm gonna do 3, break, then 2 more. I'll probably do it all on the treadmill because I don't want to run outside and aggravate my cold, since it's chilly. Plus, I don't wanna go alone (Josh got off work early, but is asleep cause I don't think he feels well).

After I cooled down, I cut up some corn tortillas and made a few batches of chips. After the first batch, my mom clued me in that she sprays them with some Pam and puts a tiny bit of salt on them. They were delicious! I really just need to make my own chips from now on. We also each had a beer.

We talked for about an hour and a half at my kitchen table, drinking beer and eating the "chips". It was a great way to kick off the weekend! Ivette dog-sat for Pepper a few weeks ago. Pepper loves EVERYONE and goes crazy when someone is here (she almost jumped and hit Ivette's face when she arrived because she was so excited). So, to save us from constant annoyance while we were hanging out, we blocked Pepper out of the kitchen. She was not very happy.

Ivette left because we were both getting tired and had to wake up early. Sometime in between me showering and getting ready for bed, Pepper ran upstairs and pooped in our room. We are really fed up with her doing this - she never goes by the door to show us she has to go out anymore!

Although we were mad, the awkward angle Pepper tried to hide at (right beside the scene of the crime) was hilarious and Josh snapped a picture after he finished cleaning up the mess while we were just staring at her.

We spent a little time googling how to fix Pepper's problem. We decided that from now on, when she does this, we're going to make Pepper watch Josh clean it up, and then take her and it outside to show her where she is supposed to go. Josh is also going to give her a treat every single time he takes her out and she uses the bathroom. Hopefully she'll learn that all she has to do is show us she has to go out. At least this is what I'm hoping. I like Pepper's cuddles but I am not fond of her mischief (she often does these things when she's upset with us!).

Okay, enough gross Pepper talk. I need to get up soon, after my snack has digested, and get my run going so I can relax on my Friday night. I have a feeling I may be going to bed early however. Enjoy the first night of your weekend!

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