Thursday, February 2, 2012

almost Friday

Made it through the longest day of the week for me! My day actually wasn't that bad. It was a 180 of what it was yesterday (until a communication error about a kid that I'm still waiting to hear back about has got me worried right now). Today was the oh-so-exciting Groundhog's Day. I think my kids really enjoyed it. Plus, I love special days in Kindergarten - they make teaching fun. We watched the video of Phil (6 more weeks of "winter" - it sure hasn't felt like it lately. I was teasing Josh that he brought the Florida weather with him because he was really excited about the snow we usually get at least once a year) and made Groundhog Hats. They were too cute.

Random: Check out the animal cracker mutant we found while passing out snack:

I came home and ate some of the left over "sloppy joe" stuff my mom gave me and a whole wheat tortilla with some hummus. I probably won't need dinner now. Or rather, it was a grandma-esque dinner at 5pm. I'm already stuffed. And Josh and I are planning on going on a run. It needs to be a long one for me. I think the route we're thinking is almost 5 miles. I haven't run since Sunday, so I am hoping I can power through it.

I also played with my blog layout for a while, obviously. I need to fill out certificates tonight while watching American Idol. Tomorrow is Awards Day. This time, I made sure every student at least got some type of award. Too many tears in the previous ones last year for the little ones that didn't receive an award.

I may be back tonight with another post. I tried for like 30 minutes to upload a hilarious video of Pepper trying to catch a reflection. Now Josh is home and now it is time to run. I guess the video will have to wait until I can figure out how to make it appear. Pepper antics will just have to wait.

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