Sunday, February 19, 2012

sore legs and hives

My legs are SORE today. Both of my knees hurt. I was going to run tomorrow, but maybe should wait til Tuesday. We will see. I've iced both my knees a bit this morning. I also just took some Ibuprofen, so hopefully that will help. I am hating the stairs in our condo today.

This morning I woke up early, but went back to sleep and woke up again a little after 8. I didn't get out of bed til close to 9, which means I was in bed for almost 12 hour straight (I went up to bed around 9:30 last night). That was okay with me. I don't get much sleep during the week, so I love weekend sleep. I was starving and decided to make oatmeal.

I cooked oats, and added some unsweetened chocolate, 2 packets of splenda, and some frozen blueberries. While I was making my oatmeal, Josh was saying he didn't know what to have. I offered to make him pancakes and he said yes.

I just followed the recipe on the back of the whole wheat mix. Pretty easy! Although my pancakes were a little deformed - I can never get them in a perfect circle like my mom can!

I ate my oatmeal while I cooked the pancakes, but after about half of my oatmeal, I didn't want anymore and made myself a baby pancake with the last of the mix.

I also drank some coffee out of my new heart mug one of my kiddos gave me for Valentine's Day :)

I have woken up with hives the past 3 mornings. Today I found them on my feet. This isn't really uncommon - I get hives at lease once a year, usually with a virus. Thus, since I was sick this week, I figured that is what they were from. I used to get them all the time when I was little. However, the past 2 days they have seemed to go away during the day. I have spent the morning on the couch watching TV and icing my knees, but my legs seemed like they were on fire under my sweat pants. I finally investigated and found my legs were covered in hives. I took some pictures to show my mom, but I know everyone is really interested in how hives look ;)

Don't mind the ugly tile in our bathroom. We ripped up the carpet because of an overflow, and this was underneath and we haven't had the time or money to get new tile. Anyway, hives aren't THAT bad, but they do look gross, they make my skin feel hot, joints irritated (my hands feel really swollen), and they're really itchy. I took Benadryl along with the Ibuprofen and this usually helps. However, I was trying to avoid taking it because it makes me very drowsy and sleepy. I can just foresee myself spending all day on the couch now!

Today we need to get oil changes. Josh went, but it was 2 hour wait at the place he went to, so he left. We may try to go to a Jiffy Lube. Josh is watching the Nicks vs Mavs NBA game - anyone following Jeremy Lin? I like the story of an under dog! Plus all the Lin-isms are pretty funny :) Josh also was REALLY excited when he learned the Magic play the Heat at 3:30. Josh is from Orlando, so the Magic is his favorite team. Last night he bought us tickets to the Magic vs Bobcats game in March. I'm actually really excited about going!

Okay, off to do something productive (or listen to Josh talk about his fantasy basketball league), whatever it may be.

Have a good Sunday!

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