Tuesday, February 7, 2012

rest day

I really love the feeling after completing a run (especially a long run that I was not particularly looking forward to) but I also really love the feeling of rest days. Josh is a crazy person and went out to attempt 9 miles, so I'm sitting at home by myself right now, just finished eating Annie's black bean vegetable soup with some chips, and am putting off the few things I need to do for school tonight. Well, I have a ton of things I could do for my class tonight, but a few things I have to get done.

After school and a meeting, I met Ivette at....yoforia!

Mine is on the right. I had a tiny bit of pomegranate at the bottom, then a vanilla and dark chocolate mix. I added: M&Ms, granola, kiwis, and blueberries. It was delicious. I haven't had yoforia in forever (and the last time I had frozen yogurt was over winter break), so I felt it was much deserved. I can't get it that often because it's a bit too pricey, but every once in a while won't hurt. I also brought Josh back a cup and it's sitting in the freezer calling my name. I want to eat frozen yogurt all day, everyday. 

I haven't hung out with Ivette in forever, and it was nice to sit and talk. She let me vent about school, then we talked about running for a good 30 minutes. She also introduced me to my new favorite game on my iPhone, scramble.

I wish more people I knew played it. It's really fun! Right now I'm only playing against Ivette and her little brother (or rather, I started games with them). PS, is it just me or is it weird there's a t-mobile advertisement on my verizon phone? I guess maybe they can't pick the ads, the app does that. Just seemed ironic.

So glad I got to hang out with you, Ivette :)
I am ready for spring to be here!

Josh just got home and decided to only do the 4.5 mile loop. I'm gonna go hang out with him, make a class list for Valentine's Day, and send some emails. I may be back tonight with a survey I saw on another blog for fun! Depends on how late I can stay awake tonight :)

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