Friday, March 2, 2012

i love to sleep

Last night I had intended to possibly do one of my Disney recap posts, but started dozing on the couch at 8PM. yes, 8PM. I am a grandma. Josh made me go lay in bed at 8:30 and we both passed out. I guess the weekend really did us in and I hadn't quite caught up from sleeping. I did feel pretty well rested today though, so that was good. Much needed for a crazy Friday in Kindergarten.

happy birthday to the big guy himself, Dr. Seuss!

Last night I did manage to make BBQ Tempeh sandwiches with some veggie cheese and whole wheat bread before I fell asleep. I thought they were really tasty! Josh liked them too.

I am ready to get back into Eat to Live by actually attempting to make some of the recipes and have some variety instead of just salads. Plus I think this will help keep me on track. I have rested all week (my legs finally feel back to normal!), but tomorrow I plan on getting back into working out. I want to run and do yoga, then start looking into other things I can do for work out and mix it up a bit. I really want to get into a set routine...this week has just seemed off.

Currently, I'm enjoying a glass of wine and waiting for Josh to get home. I am going to make some corn tortilla chips and have them with salsa for dinner. Plus more wine of course. Tonight's plans are just to lay back and take it easy. I have tons of cleaning, shopping, working out, blogging about Disney, and productivity to do tomorrow before the big UNC vs. Dook basketball game. Then Josh and I may even hit the town for his coworker's birthday! Have a happy happy Friday - I know I will.

Today you are you, that is truer than true. There is no one alive who is youer than you.

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