Thursday, March 8, 2012


Today will be a bunch of random thoughts.

Last Night's Dinner
Last night I attempted an actual real dinner. I made a version of couscous and veggie stuffed tomatoes from my Forks Over Knives cook book. It was pretty simple to make - the hardest part, I thought, was hollowing out the tomatoes. There's gotta be a easy way to do that. It took me forever. I sauteed onion, kale, garlic, and mixed in some steamed broccoli, combined it with the couscous, and then put this mixture inside the tomato.

Josh really liked it. I wasn't very hungry and ate half. I thought it was good, but a little bland. Josh ended up putting some balsamic vinegar dressing on his and he said it was really good. Later, I ended up eating some chips with Josh. My hunger returned.

The girlies in my class were very sweet today. One of them gave me an invitation to her birthday party. Another one made me a bracelet during free centers.
So stylish.

Draw Something
I'm loving this pictionary game. My sister and I had a funny conversation relating to it today. I made myself laugh out loud...I'm so funny ;)

There have been some downs to the day. First of all our field trip (scheduled in April) got canceled. Thanks CMS and school. There are going to be some unhappy parents paired with the already unhappy teachers.

I have had 2 stomach aches today. I also just feel really blah and have no energy. Therefore, I declared this weekend a cleansing weekend. I have really been off track with my lent resolution and I need to assess how I feel when I don't put healthy foods into my body. When I eat better, I feel better. So, after tomorrow's night out, I am going to be eating tons of fruits and veggies while drinking lots of water. Then next week I am cutting out junk and candy for real. It's never too late to set new goals!

Speaking of goals, Josh and I are tossing around the idea of doing P90X together. I like setting goals and having something to work towards. We're either going to do that or train for a half marathon. Decisions, decisions :)

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