Monday, March 12, 2012

5 Happy Monday Things!

I'm in bed (Josh is beside me, talking to Pepper - weirdo) and my eyes are starting to close slowly but surely. Josh still has more work to do unfortunately. Guess it'll just be Pepper and I snuggling in bed for a while (edit: Pepper just peed on the ground cause she was mad Josh left - no more Pep in bed). I've gotten caught up on Pinterest and should be asleep!!

5 Happy Things (quickly)

1. Pepper being cute

2. making more chickpeas and croutons

3. making my bracket! I love March Madness

4. reading hilarious someecards on Pinterest

5. beautiful weather!

Tomorrow morning I plan to wake up a tad early to do a quick workout before showering. Then Josh and I are going to go for a run when he gets home from work. The high is 75 tomorrow! 70ish when he gets home from work it says. I also see 80s for Thursday. Craziness. Goodnight!

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