Monday, March 12, 2012

Run For Your Lives

Although Mondays make me want to run for my life, that is not what the title of this post is referring to. I'll get to that after all of my boring rambles about Monday.

I woke up today and it felt so early, thanks to the time change. It was pitch black when I left the house, making it harder for me to fully awaken before I got to school. Plus, I just didn't want to get out of bed. The dark, quiet room made me want to stay under the covers for hours.

School wasn't too bad today. We went to an assembly called The Ned Show for about an hour this morning. This girl did a whole skit about being "champions" of life and school for the kids - she was really animated and did all these cool yo-yo and balloon tricks. Whatever she is having, I want some of! This girl was non-stop energy. She was pretty funny and the little ones really enjoyed it. Not so sure they got the message about how to never give up and encourage others all the time though :)

Josh had a run in with a sheriff coming to our door this morning. We are assuming there is another person with my Gramps' name, because this sheriff was trying to serve him with papers in a civil suit from another county! Still an interesting way to start a Monday morning (poor Joshua).

I stayed at school a little late to write some emails and catch up from the weekend. When I got home, I ate some new garlic hummus I got at Harris Teeter last night (it's so good!), plus half a tortilla and some carrots to go with it.

Josh posted on my Facebook a website of a run that is happening in Florida in November. It is a 5K"zombie" obstacle course. Josh loves zombies and it's an excuse to go to Florida. It sounds like a lot of fun and I think something I would be interested in doing! I did a 4 mile obstacle course called the Mud Run my senior year of college and it was a blast. I am always up for new things when it comes to fitness!

We also need to register for our Pub (bar) Crawl that is this weekend. Not exactly in the realm of running, but fun in a different way :)

I have a ton of laundry to put away that is all clean now, I want to make some more roasted chick peas, and then get a run in before I figure out what to make for dinner. I also thought about doing a yoga DVD, but we'll see how I feel. I was feeling a little off last night! Josh has to work late tonight, so I'm crossing my fingers it isn't too too late. I will also come up with my 5 Happy Monday things for later this evening. One will probably be the weather - it is gonna be a gorgeous week!

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