Sunday, March 11, 2012

spring forward

I don't like this whole losing an hour of sleep business. I feel like I lose an hour of productivity, or an hour of laziness before I am productive. I can't believe it's already past 11! I want to do a recap of my weekend so I can pretend it's not Sunday and that the best part of the week is not almost over.

Friday Night
I met Josh uptown (thanks to my mom dropping me off again) after he got off work. We walked to the Epicenter, again, for dinner. This time we went to Carolina Ale House. We got a pitcher of Bud Light to share - I told Josh that I think I had finally acquired the taste for beer. I made it through college without doing so! haha.

Josh ordered fried pickles because he'd been craving them. I had a few. I know they're not the best for you, but I wanted to try a few. They aren't my favorite, but I like them in moderation. Josh got a humongous burger for dinner and I got a yummy greek salad. I forgot to take a picture, but it was delicious.

We made our way to Time Warner Cable Arena for the game. We were excited when we found our seats because we were so close! It was throwback night and the Bobcats wore their AB team "Cougar" jerseys and the NJ Nets wore their NY Nets jerseys. It was weird seeing Kris Humphries close up - I would quietly chant "Kim" every time he shot free throws ;) The "Cougars" lost, but it was still fun!

Saturday Night
As I already recapped the excitement of Carolina beating State and the fact Dook lost, plus that I cleaned, ran, ate, etc. we went to my older sister's to hang out. We did some dancing, playing with the kiddies, and hanging out by the fire (even though I was still freezing!) Jennifer grilled some chicken and veggies on the grill. They were finally ready at like 10 pm, but I scarfed down some veggies right off the grill - they were really delicious! We left around 10:30 when my younger sister and her friend left. Josh and I were both really tired. We are old people.

Kylan was so funny - the flash was too bright for his eyes.

This morning
I woke up a few times this morning and looking at different clocks, trying to figure out what time it was. We finally were up at 9ish, which felt like 8ish to our bodies. Josh went out to get some caribou and I made breakfast. I made Josh two sausage and cheese English Muffins and I had veggie sausage and a piece of toast.

These are the sausages I use:

I think Josh is getting annoyed with me sitting here as he cleans up all around the house. I have laundry to do and working out before UNC plays in the ACC championship game at 1:00. Plus I have to do lesson plans (boo) and we need to go to the grocery store. Hope you have a happy Sunday before Monday morning hits!

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