Sunday, March 4, 2012

house huntin'

Josh and I have been watching the DIY network all morning. We've watched 2 episodes of Bath Crashers, and right now we're watching Kitchen Crashers. They are doing an outdoor kitchen/entertainment area. I love these kind of shows, and Josh and I have also decided to start looking for a house to buy. I can't imagine owning a house and it makes me nervous but I want to get out of here. We also want a place to call our "own" and do work to. All these shows are giving us ideas and getting us anxious to get our own place. Now, we just need to miraculously come into some money :)

Yesterday we did a bunch of laundry, cleaning, and I even worked out. I did 2 10-minute trainer videos. One was cardio and one was total body. I am sore today! Today I want to hopefully run.
Lots of laundry!

Last night was WONDERFUL because UNC blew out dook on their own court. It is a rivalry that runs deep for us loyal Carolina fans. It is one thing I really miss about college! Josh and I had some drinks and watched the game. I was so excited the whole time.

My mom is so cute.

We went to bed really early again and I've been up for about 3 hours this morning. I had breakfast and have been watching these shows. I am going to make a grocery list with some recipes out of my cook books, and then we're going to Old Navy (I have a coupon and we need to get Sky a birthday present) and Harris Teeter. Besides that and working out, I have some laundry to finish up and some school work to do before heading over to celebrate Sky's birthday. Hopefully I can squeeze in a Disney Race Day post! Happy Sunday.

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