Sunday, March 11, 2012

old people stuff

Today was pretty productive. We:
-did tons of laundry
-cleaned the kitchen
-cleaned the downstairs bathroom
-made croutons
-made roasted chick peas
-cleaned out some stuff from the garage (Josh really did most of it)
-cleaned out a closet
-got groceries

UNC lost the ACC Championship game to Florida State, which the majority of my afternoon was spent watching. It's okay though, we were without one of our best players, who should be okay for the tournament. We got a #1 seed in the tourney and I'm excited to fill out my bracket. March Madness is one of my favorite times of the year!

tired pup

While I was doing croutons and chick peas, Josh made more fried pickles. Might be why he has a stomach ache this evening ;) Pepper is really funny when we have food on the table. She sits right next to it and longingly stares at it.

Fried pickles really don't look that appetizing, Pep.

After the game, my mom came over to get some of Gramps' stuff out of the garage/condo to give to Goodwill and so that we can finally have room again to put 2 cars in the garage. Josh is still finishing up sanding a table and chairs to move up to our top deck. We're excited for warm weather so we can sit up there and have dinner/drink as the sun goes down. Spring needs to hurry!

While cleaning out the garage, we found some more interesting things. I told my mom that if I randomly saw the back of the truck, I could have guessed she raided an old person's home. However, we came accross something hilarious that Josh wants to proudly display. Currently, it's at the bar, but we put it facing our neighbor's (with the obnoxious Spongebob curtains) for a short time. Presenting, the wooden bird:

You just never know what you'll find in that garage. I'm sure there's more treasures to be uncovered. Luckily, I feel accomplished as the weekend comes to a close. Tomorrow I want to run and do yoga after school. As always, I'm dreading Monday, but there is pretty weather this week that I'm looking forward to. Plus this next weekend is supposed to be nice and we have a St. Patty's Day bar crawl to attend :) Hoping the next 5 days go by quick!

Pepper's snoring beside me, time for some sleep. Morning comes early.

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