Monday, January 23, 2012

5 Happy Monday Things

Thanks to my wonderful friend Meg, I realized I needed to post my 5 Happy Monday things. Maybe this will brighten my mood as I snuggle into bed and try to get some good sleep before I want to throw my alarm at the wall tomorrow morning.

1. My friends who always make me happy and keep me sane, no matter how far away.

Meg - I miss you so much! and did I mention I also miss college? :)

2. Josh and I planning/dreaming of our our restaurant/bar we would open if we ever came into money.

3. I walked upstairs after Josh had disappeared for a while and he was laying on the bed. I asked him what he was doing. He said he came upstairs to change out of his work clothes and "accidentally" fell onto the bed and Pepper jumped up and laid with him. So I laid down and the 3 of us just laid in silence for about 10 minutes. It was nice and peaceful.

4. Productivity.

5. American Idol relaxation. Jim Carrey's daughter tried out (on last night's episode) - she was pretty good!

For dinner, we had left over tofu steak and gorgonzola bean loaf that my mom gave us last night.

My mom and I were just talking this weekend about how I used to put ketchup on literally everything I ate. I still love it.

Josh and I liked both of these things and I want to try to make them myself sometime in the near future. I also want to make a recipe page on the blog so I can share the things I attempt to make. I promise this stuff tastes better than it looks. Especially with lots of low sodium ketchup :)

I think I am getting observed sometime this week, so I need to get some sleep to be functioning tomorrow, as well as having enough energy to run and fix dinner when I get home from work. Pep jumped up and cuddled beside me as soon as I got into bed, so I'm gonna join her. Goodnight!


  1. Yay for a picture of us! I certainly miss the college days, especially after working a big girl job. :) Here are my 5 Happy Monday items:

    1. My treat of an iced Venti Caramel Macchiato this morning, because it was a Monday and I was already late to work!

    2. Last week I made a mistake at work with a person's name and wrote "Dan" on a label instead of "Ian" (had to read a co-worker's hand-writing, which can be a little sloppy) and so I called the guy's daughter (she was ordering some CDs) and apologized profusely for misspelling his name. She called back today and said that he thought I handled the situation very well and even wanted to tell my boss!

    3. Making an easy (bland since David was sick) dinner of chicken and rice and enjoying it with David.

    4. Watching the Bulls beat the Nets! Super pumped both Rose and Noah are back.

    5. Planning lots of Chicago things to do with David and getting super excited about our vacation to Mexico next month!

    I miss you like crazy Kates and wish we were hanging out like old times! I hate that I only get to see you every few months now.

    Hope you have an amazing rest of your week and keep your head up! I know school/work is stressful but you will make it through. Can't wait for the recipes. The stuff with ketchup looked a lot like meatloaf...

    1. you're the best!

      I hope David feels better and you both have an AMAZING time in Mexico!! Lucky duck. We get to go to Jamaica this summer, so I'm anxiously looking forward to that :)

      you and Josh should be bff, he loves the NBA. I'm trying to get into it.

      hope you had a great Tuesday! Miss you!!

      PS: it was like a bean loaf instead of meatloaf :)