Sunday, January 29, 2012

report cards and ballin'

Besides dreaming about the lottery and waking up to realize I wasn't a millionaire, I had a pretty good and restful sleep. I did wake up at around 5:30 and lay awake for a bit, but I fell back to sleep until about 7:30. Then I laid in bed and played on my phone until Josh woke up at around 8:30. This seems pretty standard for my Sunday mornings. The entire rest of my morning was this:

Joshua went out to get us Caribou Coffee while I plugged through report cards (have I mentioned how awesome he is?). I worked for a good 2+ hours, only pausing to quickly make a whole wheat English Muffin for breakfast, and got a little over halfway through. Report cards are awful.

We took a break and went over to my mom's house because Josh was itching to play basketball. I shot around with him for a bit and then we did a mini scrimmage and I whooped Josh. Well, it was 11-8 and I might have been getting lucky and Josh might have not been actually trying :) We brought Pepper with us to play with our dogs, and then we took her on a 2 mile run in my parent's neighborhood. I was going very slowly and I could feel I was dragging. My legs are hating me from yesterday. Tomorrow might have to be a rest day from running. I can barely walk up and down stairs.

We came home and were both really hungry. Josh's wings are currently still cooking, and I tried this new tofu stuff that I took from my mom - it's like a pasta substitute.

I boiled it for about 3 minutes and then put some organic pasta sauce on it. The "noodles" themselves were pretty tasteless, but it wasn't bad. I think it's a good, healthier substitute for pasta. Taste wise, it might be disappointing if you're a big pasta fan, but if you're open minded about healthy substitutions, I think it's good! I definitely think I'll be picking some packs up at the grocery store next time we go. It was quick and easy, so you really can't beat that most nights.

I also had a salad. Now I'm dreading getting back into report cards. I have like 8 left, but I just don't want to do it. I was more motivated this morning than I am now. Josh and I decided we're gonna have dinner and watch a movie tonight to "celebrate" me finishing these report cards. I looked on redbox and the only movie I REALLY want to see is 50/50, but if we don't want to go out to get a movie, we might just watch Friends with Benefits, which Josh got me for Christmas. I think it's a cute movie. Luckily I had my observation last week (still waiting to see how it went), so I don't have to stress as much about my week of teaching and I can relax a bit after I finish the report cards.

Back to work. Here's an awkward and dorky (AKA normal) picture of me after yesterday's run :)

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