Monday, January 9, 2012

Less Salt, More Pepper

Why "Less Salt, More Pepper"? I came up with this "clever" blog name while I was laying in bed, watching TV/on the computer, with Josh and Pepper snuggling beside. Meet Pepper:

Josh got Pepper before he and I started dating. I first met her when she was a cute little puppy 2 summer's ago when I was visiting Florida (where Josh lived) to look for a job. Josh and I weren't dating, but we were like best friends and I stopped by to see him. She was so little and cute. I fell in love.

Fast forward to last year when I visited Josh after we began dating. Over my spring break, I went there for a week and I spent a lot of time in Florida over the summer while Josh finished up school. Pepper and I became friends because we spent lots of time together cooped up in a small bedroom while Josh was at class and/or work.

Now, Pepper the pup is 2 years old and I believe she is in her terrible twos :) She is a cutie, but gets into a lot of mischief, we have had to pretty much re-potty train her, and her allergies messed with her skin so our new condo has smelled like dog for many months (until recently). But, I am trying to grow to love her and overlook all of the mishaps. Thus, the "more pepper" fit for this moment in my life. We have been treating her allergies, which have gotten so much better, and she is my new favorite snuggle buddy.

The less salt in the title of my blog stems from the "Eat to Live" concept. While it is all about eating clean and natural, it centers around low sodium. I am more conscious of buying low sodium or no salt added as well as cutting out processed foods which has higher levels of sodium/salt. Less Salt symbolizes my shift to clean eating and More Pepper is for the pup, as well as everyone else I interact with day to day. Eating to live, so I can share this life with the ones I love for many years to come.

This evening I ran 2 miles in 16:23. I'm working to build up my milage. I am going to Florida this weekend for a mini vacation, but I'm hoping I can squeeze in a run while we're there.

Dinner was easy. We had one portobello mushroom left, so I put organic marinara and veggie cheese on top, then baked it in the oven at 350 for a little over 15 minutes.

Josh made buffalo chicken wings with his own special sauce. Once he perfects it, we may share :)

happy boy, jealous Pepper
(don't mind the Christmas tree. I REALLY like Christmas. and we're lazy.)

I am exhausted, yet again. I need to start going to bed even earlier. I was really wanting to watch the college championship football game, but I am too tired to keep my eyes open. I'll just ask Josh who won in the morning (as he blares the TV downstairs). My gut feeling is that it will be LSU (it's half time and I'm not sure who is winning now). Hopefully the kiddies will be nice tomorrow. goodnight!

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