Wednesday, January 18, 2012

a blah day

Today was one of those days where I just didn't feel much like doing anything. Some of my kiddies were a little challenging which didn't help, but maybe tomorrow will be better.

I also feel like all I've done today is eat!
I had an English Muffin with organic peanut butter for breakfast, a salad and strawberries for "lunch" (my lunch time is at 10:00) and then during my 90 minute planning block, my team was awarded with a lunch for having the most participants in our Holiday Party back in December. They brought us pizza, salad, cookies, and a coworker baked cupcakes. I had a slice of cheese (these things were enormous!), in which I pulled a lot of the cheese off cause I'm not a huge cheese fan, and a plate of the salad. Then I had about 3/4 of a cupcake (I was stuffed at this point). I don't normally love cupcakes, but everyone was raving about them and I had to try it. They were right - it was really good! I think some people may beat themselves up over things they eat, but I like to enjoy things that come my way because we only live once. Eat to live is about eating right 90% of the time and enjoying "unhealthy" foods the other 10% anyway ;)

We had a super long staff meeting after school (which was actually kind of interesting - it was about Brain Gym which is a study about movement in the classroom) and when I got home I had some hummus and half a tortilla because I was already hungry again. I have been hungry all day for some reason.

Right now there are some salmon marinating in the refrigerator that Josh's parents gave us. I am also making a salad for dinner that we had at my parent's last night and Josh and I both loved. I'm waiting for Josh to get home, and then I am going to try to convince myself to run/walk. I am just not feeling up to it today, but we will see.

I'll be back tonight, most likely while watching American Idol, to post about my wonderful trip.

The first episodes are my favorite :)

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