Wednesday, January 11, 2012

rainy day

I was exhausted last night and fell asleep directly after my shower. Josh and I ran, went to Harris Teeter, ate dinner (we bought a thing of sushi to split and I had a salad - I was too tired to make anything special once we finished shopping), I did a bit for school, showered, and passed out.

School wasn't too bad today. It probably helped that we had double specials, which means we get an hour and a half of planning. I also found out good news about a student. Tomorrow may be the opposite though, we don't have any specials/planning and I have a parent conference. At least it's almost Friday and almost Florida time!

Right now I'm at Josh's office "doing work" - he is the book keeper at a law firm, and has to work over time tonight because the bills go out tomorrow. I met him for dinner and now am keeping him company til he's done. We went to Chipotle for dinner. I got a bowl of brown rice, black beans, mild salsa, corn, and lettuce:

It was good. I'm sure I can recreate something like this at home. Hopefully tomorrow night I won't be worthless, and actually make a good dinner.

I took a day off of exercise (partly because I'm tired, partly because I was only home for about an hour today, and partly because it rained all day long) but plan to run tomorrow and then hopefully Friday before we hit the road for Florida. We are visiting Josh's parents and other friends and coming home Monday. I'm so excited.

I'm off to try to do some work before I get too tired and before we leave!

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