Sunday, January 22, 2012

Sunday Funday

While Josh went to ball it up with some of his coworker's friends yesterday afternoon, I went to my parent's to run on the treadmill, as it was a gross rainy day outside.

I was proud of this run. Longest I've done in forever. I did take a 3 min walking break halfway through (and paused my workout on my iPod), but I powered through and felt good! I love the feeling after a good run that you didn't think you could do. After I ran, I talked to my sister on the phone and she seems pretty set on doing the half marathon in February. She also wants to run a 10K race in like 3 weeks (as part of our training), so I have to see if I can find one close by. Josh and I were also looking up half marathons we could do this year and my dad wants to do some 5Ks. I am glad I have so many people around me who like to run!

After I ran, I hung out/talked with mom and she made dinner. Josh met me over at my parent's and we had tofu steak. It was pretty good! Especially with some ketchup. Josh even liked it too. My mom also made some chocolate tofu ice cream, which sounds gross, but I actually liked it. I want to make some of my own. It's very chocolate-y tasting, I promise.

After we visited a little more and talked to mom about her dreams to open an Eat to Live restaurant, we came home. We were going to go to my sister's, but my niece has strep throat and I didn't want to be exposed to her any more than I already have been (when I didn't know she had it). We were both also tired. I showered, we watched TV and I fell asleep on the couch yet again, but I almost made it to 11pm! ;)

I woke up at the crack of dawn and laid in bed for an hour playing on my phone. Then I got up and did a little of this:

Then I did tons of laundry, dishes, and took down lots of Christmas stuff (finally) before I made breakfast: a Morning Star veggie sausage, and a whole wheat English Muffin with jelly and peanut butter.

We just finished un-decorating the tree and now we're gonna go meet my mom at Sam's Club to stock up on lots of food for cheap. We also plan on going on a 3 mile run outside, even though it is very cold. Lots more to do today, at least it's only noon. Have a fun Sunday!

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