Monday, January 9, 2012

Happy Monday

Mondays are always such a drag. The weekend's over and it's back to reality. I used to blog last year, every so often, and did something where I put 5 Happy Monday things, since it is my least favorite day of the week. It helped me see what I had to be thankful for that day. I want to start that on this blog too! This will occur at the end of each Monday post.

I went to bed fairly late last night, so I decided to save my run until this evening and get a tiny bit more sleep. I woke up at 5:50 and rolled out of bed close to 6:10. I always set approximately 5 alarms over a course of 20-30 minutes, so I can be awake, but still lay in bed until the last possible second. It is impossible for me to get up right when the alarm goes off. I have to leave my house around 6:30 every morning because I live 30 minutes from the school where I teach (hopefully someday I'll be closer). Our school starts at 7:30 and I give myself time to prepare for the school day in my classroom in the morning. The coffee machine was being crazy this morning. Only on a Monday. Luckily, I was able to pour a cup before I left.

This evening I need to run and figure out something for myself and the boy to eat for dinner. I just snacked on some organic corn chips and pineapple salsa ($1.50 for a jar at Big Lots!) because a full day with 22 Kindergartners leaves my stomach growling by the time I get home.

Pushing myself to run after school has always been a challenge, but I need to remind myself that it relieves stress, I'll have more energy during the day, and I need to train for races.

My older sister (left) and I ran the Disney Princess Half Marathon last year. We have plans to do it again this year, but we both have been so busy and not training to our full potential. Therefore, we are still in the process of deciding if we will be ready, and thus have yet to sign up. Regardless, I want to keep up with running and sign up for lots of races this year. Crossing the finish line last year after 13 miles was one of the best feelings I've ever had. More on running history in another post!

I need to get up and get going. I also have laundry to do, a grocery list to make, and a school to-do list to work on. I'll be back this evening during the BCS Championship Football game to post about my run and about Less Salt, More Pepper!

5 Happy Monday Things:
  • Coworkers who always make me smile
  • "I love school!"
  • During indoor recess today (rain/PE day), we were watching a video but one of my students asked if she could get her drawing pad out of her book bag. She was SO excited to show me and explain all of her drawings and told me she wanted to be an artist when she grows up, in her cute 5-year-old voice. This is what keeps me coming back each day.
  • my new blog, goals, and plans
  • being able to relax and watch football with the boy after being productive (later this evening)

Do you have 5 Happy Monday Things?

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